Metrics to make data-driven decisions

Detect growth opportunities by using metrics and reports. Access from a single platform to all your sales information to have a global view of your performance.

Clear graphs

Visualize your sales data with graphs that are easy to understand at a glance.

Real-time data

Collect up-to-date information and compare time periods to analyze performance.

Status of your sales

Always be in the know about what is happening with your business and your sales and subscription status

The power of data at your fingertips

Your business' sales reports in one place

In Uelz dashboard you can access essential sales reports to help with decision making that will drive business growth. Analyze data, interpret the information and determine the most effective business management strategies.

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Types of metrics

Analyze your business' different dimensions

Looking at the dashboard you can find information related to your collections, sales and transactions at a glance. Choose the types of metrics that are most important to you and use them to analyze the state of your business.

  • Billing

    Keep track of your monthly gains and see how it evolves. You will be able to differentiate between gross and net turnover, as well as review the money transferred to your bank account.

  • Sales

    Control the status of your sales and subscriptions. Review the any debts, pending and reattempted collections, and subscriptions that are active or paused.

  • Transactions

    View the progress of your billing along with successful collections, returns and failed collections for the time period you select.


See what's going on day to day in your business

In the transactions dashboard you can find the number of successful collections for the period of time that you choose. You can also find other significant data to achieve more predictable growth, such as collections with errors, returns you have made and the evolution of your billing.

Ventas por servicios

Find out how your sales are performing by service

With the sales by service dashboard, find graphs of the top 5 best-selling services in your business and detect which ones generate the most revenue. Make decisions about the organization of your services and sales based on the results.

Sales Status

Measure the current performance of your business with clear data

Easily view your business' status in an intuitive way by looking at the various existing sales statuses. Keep track of non-payments, outstanding receivables and collection retries. You can also see how many subscriptions are paused and how many are active.


View the status of your invoices

See the revenue generated with successful payments in real time. See the difference between your gross and net billing at a glance, and quickly calculate the commissions you've paid for payment gateways.

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