Pay by link. Create a payment link and get paid wherever you want

Sell and get paid online without a website. Offer your customers different payment methods so they can pay online with one click, anytime, anywhere.

Payment links without coding

Generate direct payment links without complex code or technical knowledge, just one click.

Multiple payment methods

Include all payment methods you want your customers to use when making online payments.

Flexible payment methods

Offer full payment flexibility for your customers to pay when, and where they want.

How Pay by link works

Create a payment link in seconds

  1. Generate a payment link for your services with Pay by link, for either one-time or recurring charges.

  2. Send the payment link to your customers by email, social media, mobile, QR... or integrate it with your website.

  3. The customer enters to checkout, chooses the payment method and confirms the transaction.

  4. Receive and process the payment when it is completed, and keep track of your collections from the Uelz dashboard.

Share payment links

Use Pay by link system to sell online without a web page

With pay by link your customers will be able to make online payments from anywhere and immediately. You can send your customers a single or recurring payment link as many times as you want by email, social networks, Whatsapp, SMS.... When they click on it, they can access the direct payment page, and you will be able to charge them online with different payment methods.

Integrate payment links

Link your web buttons to a payment link

If you have a website you can also make online payments with payment links without a any difficult technical steps. You only have to copy the payment link and paste it into the checkout buttons on your page. This way your customers will access the payment screen and you will be able to receive online payments with zero technical difficulties.

Pay by link Payment methods

Accept multiple payment methods with Pay by link

Use Pay by link to accept online payments with credit cards, direct debit and installment plans. Choose the payment methods you want to offer your customers when they make their online payments through links. After clicking the payment link, they can choose the payment method they prefer to use.

Secure payments and collections

Create secure payment links to get paid online

Get paid online securely with the payment links you generate for your services. The payment links have PCI Compliance and 3D Secure security guarantees to ensure secure transactions for both you and your customers at all times.


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FAQ's about payment links

What is a payment link?

A payment link is a tool used in e-commerce that allows sellers to generate secure payment links for customers to make online payments. The payment link is purchased through different channels such as email, text messages or social networks, and redirects the customer to a payment page where they can complete the transaction.

How does a payment link work?

When a merchant creates a payment link, it establishes the details of the transaction such as the amount to be paid, the description of the product or service and the payment options. The payment link is then generated and shared to the customer. Upon clicking the payment link, the customer is directed to a secure payment page where they can choose the payment method and enter their details. After the transaction is completed, the payment is processed and both the seller and the customer receive a confirmation.

What are the advantages of using payment links?

Payment links offer advantages for both sellers and customers. These include ease of use, as payment links simplify the checkout process, flexibility to adapt to different billing needs, security to protect customer information during the transaction, and detailed recording of transactions for easy tracking and management.

What payment methods can be used in a payment link?

Payment links can support a wide variety of payment methods, including credit and debit card, SEPA Direct Debit, bank transfers, e-wallets and other payment methods such as financed payment. When creating the payment link, the merchant can select the payment methods they want to offer for the convenience of their customers.

Generate payment links and start getting paid online

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