We are agnostic to payment gateways and payment methods.

Connect the gateways and payment methods that best fit the recurring billing logics of your business without depending on only one of them.

Modo de uso

Combine multiple payment gateways and benefit from all of them

Utiliza tanto nuestro Dashboard como la API para gestionar tus ventas según la modalidad de cobro.

Offer different payment methods to your customers at checkout

Enable multiple payment methods in seconds without technical integration. Find all the payment methods most used by buyers and choose the most convenient for your business needs, from recurring card payments to PSD2 bank transfers.

Access to the Uelz partnership program

If you are part of the payment ecosystem, you can also integrate our recurring billing automation technology as a partner.

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FAQ’s about payment gateways

What differentiates a gateway from a payment processor?

A payment gateway is the technology in charge of connecting the customer's bank account with that of the business, while a payment processor is in charge of authorizing and processing the transaction. The fundamental difference lies in the possibility of choosing among the payment gateways available in the market those that offer the best conditions for each business.

Why use more than one payment gateway?

Operating with a single payment gateway forces you to follow its billing rules, including the types of collection, payment methods and countries in which it can operate. Having different payment gateways allows you to adapt your billing processes to your business, and not the other way around.

How to integrate and combine different payment gateways?

Through Uelz you can integrate the number of payment gateways you prefer and send payments via link, web checkout or API. This way, you can integrate our billing system in a more technical or less technical way, as well as connect the gateways and payment methods at your convenience in a matter of minutes.

What is the cost of using payment gateways?

The price you will pay will be only for the amount of transactions processed through the payment gateway. If you do not use it, you will not pay anything. You can check the rates of the payment gateways and payment methods on our website.

What types of collections can be processed?

You can process recurring card payments with a fixed or variable price through Stripe and Redsys. With the first you can operate internationally, while with the second in Spain. In addition, with Stripe you can accept other complementary payment methods such as SEPA.

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