Creation and management of discount coupons and additional charges

Schedule recurring charges with fixed discounts or package your services to customize charges to any possible sales scenario.

Discount strategies to maximize conversions

Win customers with coupon-based sales strategies or reward your current customers with benefits on their next recurring payments.

Creation of packaged services and add-ons

Design your billing plans by creating service packages with closed features or offering optional add-ons that can be added to the plan.

Customized and accurate recurring billing plans

Calculate the exact amount to be charged on each scheduled charge by applying the different types of coupons and their specific charge conditions.

Coupon types

Experiment with discounts or additional charges

Design your recurring billing strategies by applying different coupons that reduce the price with discounts or customize billing plans for service packages or add-ons. Test, research and experiment with your pricing until you find the strategy that best suits your business and works best for your customers.

Discount coupons

Create your own customized discounts

Define the amount of discount that you will apply to each new sale and that will be repeated on each recurring charge. You can also apply discounts to sales already created.

Additional charges

Bundle your services or charge your plans for add-ons

Create additional charges in your recurring billing plans. The recurring billing automation system allows you to create flexible subscriptions to charge extra features, premium services, implementation costs... among many others.

Customize coupons for your subscriptions

Whether it's for discounts or additional fees, coupons make your recurring billing plans flexible and customizable. All you have to do is generate them and associate them to your sales through the API.

Calculate prices automatically

Coupons are automatically discounted or added to each sale generated. As soon as coupons or charges are applied to each sale of your associated customer, the billing automation system adjusts the collection and executes it at the scheduled time.

Billing API

Coupons applied instantly by API call

Create the sales of your recurring services through API and add the ID of the coupon that will be applied to it. The API automates the calculation of the next charge and customizes the sale to each customer.

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