Usage-based billing for recurring servicess

Automate recurring billing flows according to the usage and consumption parameters you decide in your business and with the flexibility to adapt billing plans to different recurrence scenarios.

Fairer charging model for your customers

Offer a more accurate payment system thanks to automated and precise calculations of usage charges.

More recurring charging strategies

Increase sales opportunities with pay-per-use models adapted to multiple sales scenarios.

Real-time data

Synchronize your system with Uelz via API to send updated consumption data in real time.

Customize fees for services such as energy, utilities or telecommunications companies with special bundles, add-on charges or temporary discounts.

Generate recurring charges based on actual consumption per customer and customize the recurring payments for each new billing cycle.


Use case

Pay-per-use with customized bundles

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Use case

Pay-per-use based on registered consumption

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Meter the actual usage of your users based on the number of downloads made, storage used or bandwidth consumed, among others.

Charge for the recorded consumption in an automated way regardless of the volume of transactions or their different amounts by sending information to our billing API.


Avoid mistakes when adding or removing users from your SaaS with each new billing cycle and streamline the billing process by automating these changes. 

With rates based on the number of active users using your platform, billing is automated and updated to your user base.


Use case

Pay-per-use based on the number of active users

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Connect your product with our billing system to calculate your customer's pay-per-use payments

Reduce the risk of human errors with automated billing and recurring invoicing. Implement customized pricing strategies whenever your business strategy changes or your customers increase.

API de billing

Collect real-time usage data

The Uelz API connects and synchronizes with your systems to receive real-time consumption or usage data from your customers. Based on the information provided, the billing API automatically and accurately calculates the amount to charge in each recurring billing cycle according to the rules you define.


Why Uelz

Charge according to your users' consumption

Tus procesos de suscripción cambian a lo largo del tiempo. Los clientes aumentan, los planes de precios se actualizan y los procesos de cobro recurrentes necesitan ser flexibles para cambiar a su ritmo. Integrar Stripe con nuestra herramienta de billing te permite controlar las suscripciones como tú decidas y obtener métricas en tiempo real directamente en tu propio dashboard.


Create subscriptions and specify the metering parameters by which consumption will be measured in an automated way to avoid human error.


Customize recurring billing cycles freely to the specific needs of each customer whenever necessary.


Scale your usage-based billing at any stage of your business to be able to charge in multiple currencies, countries, billing models...


You don't need to build a complex in-house collection infrastructure. Connect your system with our API and automate recurrence.

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