Generate your sales through our web integrated checkout

You can charge your customers from your own website or system by integrating our checkout widget. With only 4 steps you will be able to integrate, configure your services and start receiving payments.

Fixed and variable billing

Set up recurring payment plans with fixed prices or prices that change throughout the billing period.

Configuration from Uelz or from your website

Choose if you want to generate payment buttons from the services created on your website or create new ones in Uelz.

No development

Integrate the checkout on your website in a few steps and with maximum customization according to your billing modalities.

Simple and quick integration in just 4 steps


Enter your website URL to start integration

We need your website domain to initiate requests between us during the platform integration.


Copy the srcipt that is generated and paste it into your web site once only.

Once the URL is entered, the system automatically generates a unique script. Configure it by copying and pasting it into your website once.


Generate payment buttons from the services created in Uelz or from your website

Link the payment buttons to existing Uelz services and plans or configure the payment plans from your website through the different attributes.


Customize the callback to receive real time data on your charges and sales

Enable Uelz callback to receive real-time sales and charges data on your website when an event takes place.

Introduce la url de tu sitio web para comenzar la integración.

Copia el srcipt que se genera y pégalo en tu sitio web una única vez.

Genera los botones de pago desde los planes creados en Uelz o desde tu web.

Personaliza el callback para recibir datos en tiempo real de tus cobros y ventas.


Checkout for services created in Uelz

The generation of payment buttons can be done with a link to existing services that you have previously created in Uelz. You can select from the list the service and the plan you want and it will automatically generate the html code that you will have to copy and paste in the place where you are going to insert the button in your website or platform.

Widget on the fly

Checkout for services already created on your website

If your services and plans are already created on your website, you can also use Uelz. In this case, you will have to configure the plans directly from your website and copy and paste the buttons where you want them to appear. Fill in the attributes of the plans from your own website and customize them to identify the registered customers and service data, both in fixed and variable recurring plans.

FAQs about Uelz web checkout integration

What are the billing modalities available in the Uelz checkout?

You can create charging models for any sales scenario according to your business needs. This includes fixed and variable recurring billing, as well as all possible variations such as consumption-based charges, based on the number of users, by functionality, fractional, upgrades, downgrades...

Can I set up a variable payment plan from the Uelz checkout?

Variable payment plans calculate the amount of each billing cycle based on the user's consumption. Therefore, each time the price changes according to this information. The sending of consumption is done through the Uelz public API, so in addition to the checkout you must connect the API to your system so that your system communicates with Uelz.

What other integration options do I have to use Uelz?

In addition to the web checkout, you have available different integration options depending on the level of technical development you want to assume. In the application you will find from the less technical options such as payment links, to the more customized ones such as our API integration.

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