Manage your payments from a single platform

Offer different payment methods and have full control of your business. Automate your customers subscriptions and one-time payments in seconds.

Easy, safe and fast tool

Register in seconds and start charging online from today. Uelz simplifies all payment management of your clients.

Secure payments guaranteed

We are certified in PCI DSS and GDPR so that you can offer maximum security to your users' payments.

Full control of your payments

Only pay for successful transactions and access information about your payments and customers from any location.

Transform the management of your payments

Decide how you want to charge

  1. Create one-time payments and subscriptions

  2. Select the payment methods you want to offer your customers

  3. Integrate Uelz on your website or share a payment link

  4. Complete your payment reconciliation from your own dashboard

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Choose payment methods

Forms of payment

Choose the forms of payment that best suits your business, whether they are single or recurring payments. Offer a fully personalized shopping experience with different payment methods, and unify all your sales on one platform.

  1. Credit and debit card

  2. Direct debit, SEPA

  3. Mobile payments

  4. Installment payments

Transforma la gestión de tus cobros

Decide cómo quieres cobrar

  1. Crea pagos únicos y suscripciones.

  2. Selecciona los métodos de pago que quieres ofrecer a tus clientes.

  3. Integra Uelz en tu página web o comparte un link de pago.

  4. Concilia tus cobros desde tu panel de control personalizado.

Secure your revenue

Automatic payment retry with no costs

Reduce your non-payment rate with automatic payment retries. If a charge has not been successful due to a lack of balance on your client's card, we issue it every 24 hours at no additional cost until the payment is successful.

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Save time

Your customers data is safe and accessible

Once your customer has made their first transaction, the system stores their data securely for future purchases. Save time and money costs when generating new collections without depending on your customers or repeated procedures.

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Transforma la gestión de tus cobros

Decide cómo quieres cobrar

  1. Crea pagos únicos y suscripciones.

  2. Selecciona los métodos de pago que quieres ofrecer a tus clientes.

  3. Integra Uelz en tu página web o comparte un link de pago.

  4. Concilia tus cobros desde tu panel de control personalizado.

Start receiving payments without any difficulties

Use and integrate Uelz wherever you want

Technical knowledge won't be a barrier when configuring your payment platform. Uelz is designed so that you can start to use it in seconds and to offer your customers a fast, easy and safe way to pay for your products or services.

A payment management platform that adapts to your business model

Online payment process

for digital companies

Integrating an online revenue management platform is the way to fully digitize your startup's operations.

Use innovative options like Uelz to sell services or products online and have control over all your operations, whether they are one-time or recurring payments. Work from a cloud-based software with which you can access your sales data in real time, and from any device.

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A collection management software

designed for SMEs

Forget about cash and paperwork, and take control of your revenue, no matter the size of your company, the sector or the business model.

Whether you sell products, or if you focus on the services sector, you can issue payments as many times as you need and make the returns you want without paying any commission for them.

Payment solutions to match your business's needs

for large companies

Managing large databases is also possible with Uelz. Start operating with a revenue management system that allows you to take control over returns and ensure the payments of each charge.

Integrate sales with Uelz into your company's website and access all its features with minimal technical implementation, or integrate our API into your software.

Monthly charges and fees

for non-profit organizations

For associations, sports clubs, fraternities... that charge their members a monthly, quarterly or annual fee, for a membership.

Receive and unify all recurring charges
from your members with the Uelz online payment system. It also keeps track of the people who make the payment and an updated database of the members of your organization.

Advantages for your business

  1. Save time by simplifying your revenue management

  2. Reduce the non-payment rate thanks to automatic payment

  3. Stop paying chargeback fees

  4. Better understanding of everything that happens within your business

Advantages for your business

Advantages for your customers

  1. Agility throughout the purchase process

  2. Peace of mind that your data is 100% secure

  3. Flexibility when choosing how to pay

  4. Control over your purchases in your own customer panel

Advantages for your customers

Safety first
Trustworthy payments


Uelz guarantees the security of each transaction by strictly complying with current regulations.


All operations carried out meet the security requirements of the PCI regulations to store, process and transmit data.


Your data and your customers' data is 100% secure. We comply with the GDPR and privacy laws of each country.


Contact our team via email, WhatsApp or phone whenever you need it. Don't hesitate to contact us, we are here to help!

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Also designed for developers

Use our API to integrate Uelz in your system

If you are a programmer or web developer and want a more sophisticated integration with Uelz in your system, request our documentation to connect through an API. If you prefer, you can also do it through a script code.

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Take online collection management to the next level
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