Recurring payments and subscriptions

Automate your customers' recurring payments with a platform that allows you to manage subscriptions and receive recurring revenue in one place.

Automate the collection of recurring services

Create subscriptions to charge recurring services and receive hassle-free income automatically every month.

Decide how to charge subscriptions for your business

Customize your subscription plans: billing frequency, due dates and payment methods you will accept on your purchases.

Find what you need to manage subscriptions

Access easily to your service sales and billing data, pause, cancel and process refunds from a single platform.

Sell subscriptions for your business and automate recurring payments

Normally, to recieve recurring payments you have to repeat the same steps every month. With a recurring payment platform, managing recurring payments is automated, saving your business time and money when managing subscriptions.

Selling by subscription

How do I charge for subscriptions and recurring payments?

  1. Choose the payment methods your customers will pay with.

  2. Create the detailed services and subscription plans.

  3. Generate a payment link or integrate the checkout process on your website.

  4. Receive your recurring income in a single platform.

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Customized subscriptions

Configure your services and charge subscriptions how you like

Configure all the details for the collection of subscription services, from the frequency of payments to the expiration date of the subscription. You can also pause or cancel subscriptions with a single button if a customer requests.

Easy integration

An easy to use recurring payments platform

Create subscriptions with pricing plans for every single service of your business and start reciving hassle free recurring payments from clients. Offer different payment methods and set up different ways to recieve recurring payments without the need for technical knowledge.


Why sell using subscriptions?

Managing subscriptions has many advantages

Subscriptions make simple charges for your business and make it much easier to be paid by customers. Create recurring payment plans to make charging for services more convenient.

  • Revenue forecast

    Gain peace of mind every month thanks to recurring revenue from subscriptions.

  • Reduction of non-payments

    Ensure the successful collection of subscriptions with automatic retry for collection.

  • Payment facilities

    ConfiguraConfigure different payment methods for your customers and use them easily.

  • Automation of manual tasks

    Put an end to manually handling recurring payments and save time in your day-to-day.

Resolve any doubts you may have about managing subscriptions

Do you want to sell subscriptions like Netflix or Spotify?

More and more businesses use a subscription model and receive recurring payments. With a recurring payment platform you can manage subscriptions to charge for recurring services or products for your business. You will save time by decreasing daily management and improving your customers' shopping experience.

Would you like to use a subscription model to sell your store's products?

Selling products is also an opportunity to sell with subscription and receive recurring revenue. Create a subscription plan for your store's coffee products, sell monthly contact lens packs at your optical shop, offer weekly flower deliveries from your flower shop... there are many strategies for building customer loyalty through subscriptions.

Do your customers make recurring payments?

Schools, gyms, associations and all types of organizations or businesses that offer monthly services can also digitize the way they manage subscriptions. Automate the recurring collection of your annual, quarterly or monthly fees with a recurring payment platform.

Do you need to accept various payment methods?

If you have already decided to charge subscriptions but need to expand your customers' payment options, you can offer different payment methods for recurring payments. Paying by card is the most common way to charge for subscriptions, but many businesses also offer SEPA Direct Debit for charging services, as well as e-wallets to increase user conversion.

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Start now to manage subscriptions and recurring payments

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