The Billing API to automate all type of recurring charges

Adapt your pricing to any billing scenario in seconds. Reduce the implementation costs of your billing infrastructure and enable multiple payment gateways through our API.

curl --request  POST$UELZ_URL/api/purchases” \
--header “Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY” \
--header ‘Content-Type: application’ \
--data-raw ‘{
“external_plan_id”: “00001234565",
“service_id”: “clvc3mlj50000ml017yeypnwd”,
“plan_name”: “Plan name",
“plan_description”: “Descripción",
“plan_type”: “subscription”,
“plan_amount”: 0.80,
“plan_currency”: “EUR”,
“subscription_type”: “variable”,
“frequency”: “month”,
“billing_cycles”: 5,
“payment_day”: "registration day"

Monthly charge


Payment mode


Charge day

Registration day

Due date

In 5 cycles

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Payment gateway integration

Connect multiple payment gateways in minutes based on the billing scenarios you are going to operate in.

Customized billing

Create billing models for any sales scenario, including fixed and usage-based recurring charges.

Unified real time data

Access all your sales and billing data on Uelz dashboards or by connecting your system to our API.

Recurring billing infrastructure

Manage fixed and usage-based billing in any form

Create billing plans for any billing scenario with no implementation costs for your technical team. Uelz is a billing system that helps you automate charges of any kind and consolidates information in one place.

Less development time — Better results for your business


faster to integrate


savings in technical cost


independent of the payment method

For developers

Connect your system via API and manage charges seamlessly

The time and resources of your tech team are limited and should be focused on developing core aspects of your product. Customizing pricing plans, calculating variability, measuring consumption, reconciling all the data... these are tasks that require technical development and can disrupt your roadmap.

Integrate our billing API and rely on a solution that automates the variability of charges in all its forms.

Complex billing scenarios

Designed for businesses with recurring charges and flexible pricing

Charge variably based on usage

With variable recurring billing plans, you can charge a price that changes based on how your customers use the product.

Charge recurrently with a fixed price

Create recurring billing plans with a fixed amount that is charged periodically at the frequency and price you choose.

Different integration options for different levels of technical development


Payment links without code

Share payment links to receive charges without needing a website.CTA: More information

More information

Customized checkout

Integrate the payment checkout on your website with the gateways of your choice.

More information

Integration via Uelz API

Connect your system with Uelz through our API.

More information

We are agnostics

Choose from multiple payment methods and gateways

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What our customers say about us

"Uelz is a payment platform that has integrated very quickly with all our systems. The API integration has been much simpler than we thought, and it communicates in real-time with our application."

Marc J.

"It has saved us a lot of work. All payment and automation processes are handled from a single platform, and we have gained a lot of time to focus exclusively on our business."

Ana R.

"The platform that has best adapted to our business model. In addition to automating our recurring payments, it calculates the amount to be charged each month in variable pricing plans."

Sebas F.

La valoración de nuestros clientes



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