Receive customized online payments

Customize the payment process you want to offer to your customers

How it works

Managing your payments has never been so easy


Choose the billing frequency and payment methods


Create your services to generate a payment link


Share the link and receive money into your account


Control everything that happens in your business

Decide how you want to get paid

Design your customers' purchasing process

With a single integration and without code you can configure the processors and payment methods that best fit your business needs. Offer your customers flexibility and convenience when purchasing from you.

  1. Credit and debit card

  2. Direct debit, SEPA

  3. Mobile payments

  4. Installment payments

How to use the payment link

Integrate the link into your website

If you already have your website and you want to benefit from a quick online payment link without the need for code, Uelz can be integrated easily and in a few steps.

Just insert the payment link within the checkout button of your website and your customer will checkout on the sales page you have previously designed.

Share it with your customers

You will be able to share it through all kinds of social media, Whatsapp or email among others.

Once your user clicks the link, they will only have to enter their payment details and the transaction will be effective.

Personalized dashboard

Monitor the status of your business
at a glance

Streamline payments

Guarantee your customers a fast and easy shopping experience thanks to customizable checkout.

Build trust

Offer your customers secure and current payment methods to build the trust you need in your business.

Offers flexibility

Pay only for successful transactions and have access to information about your payments and customers from anywhere.


Protected and available customer data

When your customer makes their first payment through your online business, their data is stored securely, thanks to our PCI-Compliance certificate. With this data, Uelz allows you to speed up the following payment processes and reduce the default rate. If any incident occurs when the customer makes the payment, the payment attempt is automated free of charge every 24 hours until it is effective.

Also designed for developers

Use our API to integrate Uelz into your system

If you are a programmer or web developer and want a more sophisticated integration with Uelz in your system, ask us for our documentation to connect to Uelz through an API. If you prefer, you can also do it through script code.

Request documentation

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